Sunday, November 16, 2008

Book Rapper Blog Restart

winding_roadHi folks,
I'm back again. I've been a bit quiet on the blog front. Time to correct that.

What to expect... a few more posts about books and ideas and trends including:

RAPPED : Previously, I was thinking that I'd concentrate on the Book Rapper issues only - updates, follow-ups and downgrades as new info comes to light. I've got some of these planned!

unRAPPED : It's time to extend this to other books I'm reading. I read about 40 books a year and only about 10 make it as Book Rapper issues. Most of these are valuable resources too. So I thought it was time to discuss the other 30 books that are unRAPPED.

2-RAP : Thirdly, I'll give you a look into the books that I want to read and possibly RAP. They might be the ones I've bought and haven't got to yet, or the upcoming releases that I haven't even got yet.

Join me on this journey up the long and winding road and let's see what we find together along the way...



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