Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fixing my Social Media Mistakes

Following up my previous post... My blog posted okay to (1) Blogger, (2) Linked In (3) Thought Leaders Central, but not to Facebook. 3 out of 4 was a good start.
If anyone can tell me how to post it to Facebook I'd appreciate it.

To manage my other social media conversations I scored a copy of Event Box - courtesy of the Macheist special bundle offer.

Macheist = Some great tools and even better games... The World of Goo is fantastic! Love the graphics and the concept...

Event Box lets you log into my blog posts, other blog post feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Flickr and more.
That's a good thing... I recommend it!

However, Twittering... Mmm... I feel like the little birdy icon has twittered on me!
I've received about 450 Twitts today. Some of them are dribble, some are of no interest, some are useful, some valuable, some are even from people I know.

Next quest... and next question... How do I manage my Twitts?
Love to hear your clues, suggestions and answers.


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