Thursday, January 7, 2010

What does it mean to present 'live'?

What does it mean to present 'live'?
Following from our previous posts on the 'The Virtual Presenter', “What does it mean to present in the ‘live’ world?”

In other words, as a presenter, what’s your physical pre
sence worth?
And, what's in it for your live or virtual audience?

If you’re going to take a day off from your family to fly to a conference event what’s it worth to you?

If the conference organizer is going to pay you big dollars to be there, what’s in it for them?

And, your audience?
Why not just show your video to the audience.
Better yet, why get an audience together in the first place? Why don’t we all just stay home and watch it on YouTube?

In this series of blog posts, we’ll take a tour of some of the industries that have already grappled with this question.

1 Thea
Early movies were literally recordings of stage plays.
It was first thought that theatre would wither away as a result.

They haven’t.
Live theatre continues today.
Different audience, different ticket premium.
It’s all about being there… experiencing the breath, sweat and tears.

Interestingly, stages shows have sometimes become movies, like Phantom of the Opera.
In other cases, movies like Mama Mia have become stage plays.

Either way, it seems that musicals do best of all.
Selling the soundtrack can be the best selling part of the package.

Theatre shows are expensive.
It costs a lot to assemble a top cast, build a stunning set and hire a worthy theatre.
In contrast the cost of putting together a CD makes it way more profitable as an add-on.


What’s can we smell, hear, see, feel and taste because we’re in the room with you?

What’s the premium you’re offering your audience for being in the room with you?

What’s your soundtrack worth?

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