Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twit Rapper: Design Advantage

Twit Rapper: Design Advantage

Twit Rapper: A Book Rapper Book Summary in 26 tweets…
Numbered tweets, 1A= first book, tweet A. Read all 26!

Here's the first half or 13 tweets from Book Rapper's Design Advantage.

1A: Design Advantage: The Secret to Creating Long-Term Value. Derived from Roger Martin, The Design of Business.

: Speed RAP: Key to value creation lies in the development of knowledge. Solve problems. Turn them into business systems.

1C: The Big Idea: Design Thinking is the new competitive advantage. Think both analysis for efficiency AND creatively for innovation.

: Your Challenge: Add Design Thinking to your life and your organizational culture. Explore, experience and exercise design.

: Book Review: A business strategy book. Why Design Thinking is important. And a key model for making it happen

: Book Rapper Thinks: Roger Martin’s my new design hero! He’s put design back in the centre of business conversations!

: Business Paradox: Now or future? Be efficient to exploit now. Be innovative to explore the future. Exploirt both!

: Example: McDonalds is an efficient system – big scale, big $$$. Artist typically explores – small scale, small $$$.

: Move down the Knowledge Funnel: Mystery= solve a problem. Heuristic= rule of thumb. Algorithm= fixed formula

: Examples: Mystery= Artist, Scientist, Architect. Heuristic= Trainer, Lawyer, Sales. Algorithm= McDonalds, MLM, Software

: Solve a mystery. Use your new knowledge to create new opportunities for you to exploit.

: Turn your hunches into rules of thumb to create an innovative service business.

: Simply your rules of thumb and create specific step-by-steps for anyone to implement. eg software.

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At February 15, 2010 9:04 AM , Blogger Roger Martin said...


I have been following your posts on my book with great interest. But you have outdone yourself with the twit-rapper. It is so very well done. I am going to create a link for it on my site ( as I have all your other posts on the book.
You have done a wonderful job of summarizing the book - it is a bit scary. Should I have just done a couple of dozen tweets and not written a book?

In any event, I am very pleased to read your lovely work. And I am coming to Oz next month - Sydney and the Barrossa Valley. If you are around, I would like to shake your hand.

All the best,


At February 16, 2010 3:12 PM , Blogger Geoff McDonald said...

Thanks Roger.
Great to hear an author who is open to my take on their work. I always wonder how it will be received.
We still need people like you who can flesh out an idea for the rest of us. We all need ideas and the book format still works.
And, there is room for presenting your ideas in multiple formats - like tweets and summaries.
It would be great to shake hands when you hit Oz next month.


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