Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Web Line 21: Twit Rapper's Web Line N-Z

Web Line 21: Twit Rapper's Web Line N-Z

Derived From

Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents
Book Website

Web Line 20: Twit Rapper's Web Line A-M

#Hack the existing game. Find another way to play. Seek alternatives and mods to enhance the system. #lifehack #workhack #gamehack

Yes! You still
need your biz cards. Minimum: Name, Mobile, Email, Blog URL. Then, add the ways you want to be contacted.

Four pillars of trust: Credible/real, Reliable/be there tomorrow, Intimate/open/honest, Group Focus/not self

3Q Business has, and always will be based on people AND trust. It’s just that the signals of who to trust are different online.

Consumers are now in charge of communication. You can’t buy mass web impact - there’s simply too many channels. Amplify your voice with followers.

Learn the lay of the land #Blogs = home base #LinkedIn = business reputation #Facebook = easy connections #Twitter = huge conference call

Web success is an #attraction process. It’s al
l in the design of your message. Create sticky content that gets people talking.

The Old Game was quid pro quo – this for that. The New Game is to give freely and don’t ask for anything in return.

Golden Rule for Being Online: The web was built for decentralized communication. Commerce was added later. Got it?

Perspectives: Be helpful. Be a Person 1st, Professional 2nd. Build Relationships 1st, sales 2nd.

3X Opportunities: Build content laden blogs on topics you’re passionate about, enrol an army around this

3Y WANT MORE? Get the complete @BookRapper issue: #WebLine, http://www.BookRapper.com

Want even MORE? Follow @chrisbrogan and @julien And, buy their book! TrustAgents

For more, check out TwitRapper.com

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