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Web Line 6: RAP2: Stand Out Part 2

Web Line, Part 6: RAP2: Stand Out Part 2

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: Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents
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Previously: RAP2: Stand Out Part 1

RAP2: Stand Out - Part 2

To be a Trust Agent you need to be noticed. Playing by the old rules is no longer enough. With new tools and new channels you can now create your own rules and your own game.

Make Your Own Game

If you’re following the rules, you’re playing catch-up to those already out there doing it. To stand out and be the trusted expert:
How to Play Games
  1. Playing : Learn the rules and know how to tweak them to increase your fun.
  2. Cheating : When you have an unfair advantage on the game, you’re cheating.
  3. Hacking : The popular definition of hacking focuses on destroying something. A more potent definition is to ‘find another way’. Seek alternatives and modifications to enhance the system. Check out life hacking, work hacking and game hacking.
  4. Programming : When you create the rules, you’re programming the game. You’re creating a new angle and a new everything.

Actions: Learn Fast
To learn fast, get feedback. Here’s how...
  • Links are currency on the web. When someone links to you they recommend you and this is an indirect way to get paid.
  • Quality comments add social proof to your content value and your expert status. Lots of comments tell others it’s the place to be.
  • Revenue can range from Google Adsense, Affiliate income or sales of your products or services. Consider this direct feedback.
  • Indirect Sales are valuable feedback too. For instance, at Book Rapper we offer free content and you might pay us by hiring us to write/design with you.
  • Test with a range of web tools to see how you’re doing. For instance, Google Analytics or Hubspot.
Actions: Below the Web Line
  • Collecting friends or followers in social media is low level feedback. It might stroke your ego. And, quantity is not the game here. Better to build a smaller army of fans than a flood of indifferent followers.
  • Press Coverage is generally of lower value today than the credibility you can gain on the web. Adjust your strategy accordingly.
Three Online Rules
  1. When you treat people well, they treat you well back.
  2. The bigger your network, the easier it is to get things done.
  3. The more personal the relationship, the more direct you can be.
Actions : Content
Build a Content Marketing blog around a product

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