Friday, February 19, 2010

Twit Rapper: Four Hour JOLT!

Twit Rapper: Four Hour JOLT!
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Four Hour JOLT!

The Four Hour JOLT! – Derived from: @tferriss #FourHourWorkWeek, Vermillion, London, 2007. Newer edition now available.

Big Idea: Our live-to-work culture is obsolete. The Industrial Revolution’s 40 hour a week Deferred Lifestyle has reached retirement age

Speed RAP: The Three currencies of this global, digital revolution are: TIME, INCOME and MOBILITY. Tim’s TIM! LOL!

Your Challenge: JOLT the way you think about work and metamorphose the way you live.

Book Review: Tim’s Deal may not be your deal. It’s action-filled. And, it’s the best selling JOLT you need.

Book Rapper Thinks... OMG! I’ve been doing it all wrong! Working to get by, working to die. Time to rework my work!

The 3 Keys to #LifestyleDesign: TIME, INCOME and MOBILITY. Design your life around them! Got it?

In terms of Time, if you’re still working 50-70 (or more) hours a week, then you’re doing no better than they did in steam driven England

2I What if you cancelled your retirement? Or dropped dead before you got there? What are you working for?

2J Is your lifestyle scalable? Time’s limited. How are you going to do more in less time? Solve this to win your prize.

TIM’s DEAL: DEFINE what you want, ELIMINATE everything extraneous, AUTOMATE income streams & LIBERATE yourself - live your way

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