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Design Advantage : The Secret to Creating Long-Term Value 2

Design Advantage : The Secret to Creating Long-Term Value 2

BR Review : The Design of Business
Roger Martin, The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage; Harvard Business Press, Boston, 2009.

If you want short term results stick to your numbers that prove the past. If you want long term sustainable results operate as a design firm. It’s the key to innovati
on and growth - and staying competitive!

  • Prominent model: the Knowledge Funnel which is the backbone of Martin’s Design Thinking framework.
  • Chapters on leading an organization and developing yourself as a design thinker.
  • Case studies of McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble, Cirque du Soleil, Herman Miller and Research In Motion (RIM) - creators of the Blackberry.


Martin’s book is a big picture strategy book.
He explains why Design Thinking is important and provides a key model for making it happen.
Plus there’s enough clues and examples to get you started.

Who’s It’s For
  • It’s for anyone interested in creating a world that works.
  • For leaders who want to step out of short-termism and create long-term value for their organization.
  • For intrapreneurs wanting to improve their lot.
  • For individuals wanting control over their lives.

Roger Martin?
  • Roger’s a Canadian with both academic and business experience.
  • He’s a Harvard Grad in Economics and an MBA. And, the Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He’s been dean since 1998... that’s a big rap!
  • Roger’s had extensive consulting experience, is a former director at Monitor Company and he sits on a number of company boards.
  • He writes columns for Business Week, the Washington Post and the Financial Times.
  • Roger’s a leading advocate of Design Thinking and this is his fourth book. His previous tome, The Opposable Mind is worth a read too!
  • And, he’s got his own Wikipedia Page

Book Rapper Thinks...

Deee - Zine! Deee - Zine! Deee - Zine!

As a designer, this books sings sweet sonnets to my ears.
It’s the story I wanted to tell and didn’t have the words to say it.
Roger’s my new design hero!
He’s put design back in the centre of business conversations!

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