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Web Line 18: Your Personal Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Web Line 18: Your Personal Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

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Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents
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Web Line 17: Online Success Perspectives and Opportunities

BR Context : Plopportunity

In a recent Book Rapper issue Glopportunity we pointed to a Global Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Namely, the recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.
Or as the Chinese refer to it: The AFC, the American Financial Crisis.

Now, it’s your turn.
It’s time for your Plopportunity: your Personal Opportunity of a Lifetime.
Are you ready

Here it is...
The secret to being happy is to do the things you love.
And now you can more easily than ever before.
You can pursue your vocation, live your passion, follow your dreams AND be rewarded.

If that sounds like the usual cliches you get from the Pop Psyche, Self-Help movement then you’re right.
It is.
And, it comes with a tantalising twist.

The twist is... All the tools you need to be successful working in your passion are now available.
And mostly for free!

I bet you didn’t expect that!
If that sounds too good to be true, then it’s time to throw away your cynics hat - at least for the moment - and catch up with what’s going on.

One of the keys to wealth is the access and ownership of the tools of production.
A couple of centuries back, if you owned the land you owned the food supply.
Farming the land was a relatively straightforward way to run a profitable business.

The sticking point was owning the land - you were either born into it or it was likely you were a worker for life.

More recently, the key tools of production were the machines that drove industry. Think factories.
Again, you either owned the tools or you worked for someone else to access them.

Today, the tools of production are now available for free for anyone who wants to take a walk down to their local library.
And, I’m not talking about those dusty old books.

At most local libraries they have computers with free internet access.
Access to the tools of production for free.

Today, this means access to blogging tools such as WordPress or Blogger, access to Twitter, LinkedIn, Squarespace, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Google, Delicious... the list goes on.

What’s even better... the tools of production come with an instant and automatic distribution for your creative outputs.
It’s called the internet!

Do you get what’s being said here?
These web tools are the tools of production for today.
Master these and you’ll create wealth for yourself and probably others.
You can go down to your local library and do it for free or you can spend less than a $1000 and have it all at home.
Imagine that, a wealth making machine in your spare room!

The only other thing you need to add is: YOU!

Your ideas, your passion, your effort and your persistence.
The web is your oyster!
And you no longer have any excuses to not be living your dreams.

And that’s what this issue is about, your Plopportunity!
Go for it!

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