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Book Rapper's Hot Books for 2009

Here’s the Book Rapper Hot Books for 2009. Here’s my Top Ten list of the books I want to be reading that reflect the biggest issues of our time…

The Book: Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, Authenticit
The Hot Idea: As consumers crave experiences fake ones don’t count. If your product and service is not the real thing then you’ll be found out. The same idea applies to individuals, being ‘real’ is your future career. Great website to look around and play on…
Book Website: http://authenticitybo

Hot, Flat and Crowded
The Book: Thomas Friedman; Hot, Flat
and Crowded: Why we need a Green Revolution – and How it Can Renew America.
The Hot Idea: From the author of the best seller The World is Flat, comes a volume that links America’s loss of focus since 9/11 and the global environmental crisis. He describes the way forward as ‘the biggest innovation project in America’.

Author’s Website: http://www.thomaslfrie

The Psychology of Time
The Book 1: Steve Taylor; Makin
g Time: Why Time Seems to Pass at Different Speeds and How to Control It
The Book 2: Stefan Klein; The Secret Pulse of Time: Making sense of life's scarcest
The Hot Idea: Traditional time management presumes we all experience time in the same way all the time. A number
of books are now exploring the psychology of time and how it passes at different speeds. This change in worldview presents new ways to manage yourself and how to get things done.

The Book: Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff; Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies

The Hot Idea: The shift to social technologies is a transfer of media from the few t
o the many. Customers are now forming direct connections to each other and creating new communities.
Book Website:

The Book: Stefan Klein; The Science of Happiness

The Hot Idea: There’s a bunch of books out there on Happiness. Klein’s was picked because it cuts to the heart of the issue: science has quantified the impact of being happy on our health and wellbeing. Happiness is n
o longer just a feel good issue. It is now a quantifiable business issue and one for governments too. There’s no excuse now… be happy!

The Book: Charles Leadbetter, We-think: mass innovation, not mass production.
The Hot Idea: The web revolution through the lense of innovation and creativity. The internet is not a place of production, it’s a place of collaboration, sharing and fostering ideas. From one of the leading management thinkers of our times, we get an update on Wikinomics and user driven innovation.
Author’s Website:

Book website:

The Book: Fareed Zakaria; The Post-American World
The Hot Idea: America has peaked in its global influence. That doesn’t mean it’s now in decline, just that others are growing in importance. The days of the dominant empire are changing and the e
mergence of China, India, Russia, Brazil and others is reshaping the globe.
Author’s Website:

Here Comes Everybody
The Book: Clay Shirky; Here Comes Everybody: Organizing without Organizat
The Hot Idea: Another view of the impact of social media.
This one is from a web guru who projects the rise of grassroots activism and the demise of traditional corporate hierarchies and print journalism. It’s not just about the web, it’s a guide to the future of human interaction.
Book Website:

The Book: Seth Godin; Tribe: We Need You To Lead Us

The Hot Idea: Social networking sites are making it easier to connect and new tribes are forming everyday. I love Seth’s work: he takes a contemporary challenge and puts a simple spin on it. In this one, Seth’s big question is: Who’s leading? The web can do amazing things and leadership is not one of them.

Author’s Blog:

Talent is Overrated
The Book: Geoff Colvin, Talent is Overrated: What really separates World-Class Performers from everybody else.

The Hot Idea: This book grew out a magazine article that questioned the role of ‘natural talent’. Instead, Colvin presumes effort is required for success and then suggests what works best. He suggests how you practice, how you analyse the results you get and learn from your mistakes are the seeds to greatness. It’s not a miracle cure and it is a clear path for us aspiring mortals.

Which one of these books would you like to see RAPPED? Let me know through your comments.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Book Rapper Hot Books Hot Trends 2008

Make Money From Niches
Derived from Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail

The Hot Idea: Digitalizat
ion has lowered the profit barrier meaning we no longer need to rely on creating big selling blockbuster products. Instead, small profitable niches become a safe and reliable way to riches.
Author’s blog:

Book Rapper:

How to Think Right
Derived from: Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind
The Hot Idea: The reliance on left-brain, logical, rational t
hinking is no longer enough to be successful in the Conceptual Age. Instead, we also need to be able to use our right-brain, emotional, empathetic, synthesizing brain.
Author’s website:
Book Rapper:

Marketing Now-How
Derived from Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae
The Hot Idea: The ne
w digital and online marketing tools will not be effective if applied to traditional advertising lead, command and control business structures. It’s time to reinvent to take advantage of them.
Author’s website:

Book Ra

The Four Hour JOLT!
Derived from: Timothy Ferris’s The Four Hour Work Week

The Hot Idea: Our live-to-work culture is obsolete. The Industrial Revolution’s 40 hour a week Deferred Lifestyle has reached retirement age. For the first time in 200 years you can re-frame your work ethic into a personal DIY ethic.
Book website:

Book Rapper:

Derived from: Ori Braf
man and Rod A. Beckstrom’s The Spider and Starfish
The Hot Idea: The pendulum is swinging from centralized command and control organizations to decentralized ones. This elevates the importance of personal leadership and creates the demand for the ‘leaderful’ organization.

Book Website
Book Rapper:

The Bees Wees
Derived from: Barry Libert and Jon Spector, We Are Smarter Than Me

The Hot Idea: Collaborative communities are
the near future now. The power of crowds to innovate, provide customer service, make sales, provide finance and manage projects turns traditional organizations inside out.
Project website:

Book Rapper:

The Sticking Point
Derived from: Chip Heath and Dan Heath, Made to
Stick – Why some ideas survive and others die
The Key Idea: What’s your big idea? The typical expert spends longer coming up with their big idea than massaging it so it sticks in the minds of its intended audience. This book shows you how to package up your ideas so they’ll land and stick.
Book Website:
Book Rapper:

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