Thursday, February 18, 2010

Design Thinking Organizational Audit

Design Thinking Organizational Audit
Are you ready for the future?
To find out if your organization has the right balance of Design Thinking rate yourself with these nine questions.

Colour in the circle of the response that best fits your view of your organization.

How does your organization rate?
1 How flexible are we? Are we highly prescriptive about how things get done? Or, does our culture allow multiple ways to achieve the same end?

2 How do we organize our work? Are the majority of tasks tied up in continuous work performed by the same person everyday? Or, a lot of shorter, highly focussed projects?

How visible is design in our organiza
tion? Is design missing in our organization? Or is it something that is championed as vital to our future?

How is our staff balance? Do w
e have an abundance of analytical people and few designers? Or do we have a good balance of designers and analytical people?

How do we reward
& provide incentives for our team? Is it based upon meeting reliability targets for sales or production? Or, do we promote & reward innovation and new ideas?

How do we select and approve new projects? Is it based on what has worked in the past? Or is it based on ‘w
hat could be’ in the future?

How do we genera
lly make our decisions? Do we rely on statistics, analysis and automated systems to decide? Or, are we open to subjective decisions?

What types of training do we provide for our teams? Is it mostly technical skills or more knowledge? Or, are we pro
viding training to promote creativity, innovation and design?

Who has the ultimate say in our organization? Is it the sales department? Production? Marketing? Or, is producing high-quality design the most important thing?


  • What did you notice about your responses?
  • What might you do differently?
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